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Suzie Ferguson

Legal Practitioner Director

RBF Law came together as a result of Suzie Ferguson's 30 years in the legal industry - since starting as a legal secretary at the age of 15, through to being admitted as a lawyer in 2012. RBF Law represents Suzie and her legal career.

Radecki Banks Ferguson

Suzie started her career in the legal industry in the 1980s as a junior secretary working for one of the big firms on the Gold Coast. People know her from this time as Suzie Radecki. From the 1990s until recently she was known as Suzie Banks. It was during this time Suzie advanced to become a senior legal secretary working for other Gold Coast law firms, not just as a conveyancing secretary, but also covering a broad range of commercial and property law matters.

During her working career, Suzie developed extensive knowledge and a love for commercial and property law and, at the age of 42, she decided to pursue a law degree as a mature age student at Bond University. She was admitted to practice in 2012.

Now, remarried, Suzie Ferguson has started her own commercial and property law practice - RBF Law.

The Difference

Not many legal professionals can claim to love all the intricacies of the law, but with Suzie it's clear she has a love for practicing in commercial and property law, as is evident from the progress of her legal career through to the creation of RBF Law.

Suzie prides herself in the way she approaches her every day work, the way in which she operates, the manner in which she deals with her clients, how she manages her practice and the way she leads her legal team.

For the best results go with someone who has a real passion for the law.

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